Friday, July 22, 2011

Adult Braces

Few people question the decision to get braces for their children. However, when adults consider the idea of getting braces for themselves, they many times decide against it. Why is that? Probably the top answer sited is money, followed by the fact that they think they will feel silly wearing braces. Let's look at each of these answers.

First of all: money. And yes, there is a financial cost to braces. But you need to consider this: Braces are a financial investment. Similar to an investment purchase. If you invest money in the stock market, you hope to receive more than you investment. If you invest money in real estate, you hope the value increases. And we both know that investments in stocks and real estate have not always yielded returns. But investing in yourself and your smile will yield a return. A huge return! You will smile more often, your smile will be a beautiful smile, and as I have mentioned before, THAT will earn you more money!! It will help you get a job, help you earn a promotion, and help you close business deals. Does any other investment have the potential to yield such a high financial return.

The second objection is fear of what others will think if you are wearing braces, if you will feel self-conscious. My opinion is this. Whenever I see someone taking steps to improve their life, I am always impressed. Getting braces is no different. People will see that you are investing in yourself and improving yourself. And they will be impressed. How much more impressive is a smile with braces than a smile with crooked teeth? And, in a few months, there will be even more improvement because you will have no braces and a FABULOUS smile. I personally think that sounds exciting.

If you are an adult and have considered investing in your smile, call my office today. The first consultation is free. All you will be investing is your time. So why not find out how you can improve your smile, your income, your life. Call my office today: (248) 569-8770. You will be glad you did!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Do you want to lower your blood pressure?

I know a very simple way to lower your blood pressure and keep your blood pressure low. Smiling!! It is proven that smiling can actually lower your blood pressure. You don't believe me? Then try this. Connect yourself to a blood pressure monitor. Take your blood pressure. After you have your reading, smile for five minutes. That's right! Sit there and smile. Your mind will naturally take you to a happy place. That's ok, in fact, it's preferred. After the five minutes, take your blood pressure again, and notice that it is lower.

Now that you know that it works, look for situations that make you smile. Find reasons to laugh. Even if the events of the day are not going your way, make light of them. And also take time to lose control with your friends, joking, laughing, having fun and living life. You will enjoy it. And it will lower your blood pressure, which we all know will reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and other illnesses. And if you don't like your smile, you need to call my office. You will only smile if you like your smile. And you have too much to lose not to smile.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Adding Years to Your Life

Do you think you don't need to invest in braces? Consider this: smiling leads to better health! Studies show that smiling will reduce your blood pressure, relieve stress and boost longevity. And who does not want to live longer? And live more enjoyably? Now you may think this a bold statement. But consider this: If your immune system is strengthened by smiling, you are going to prevent many illnesses that can turn fatal, such as cancer. Stress has been known to increase symptoms of diabetes, increase blood pressure which leads to heart disease, and increase your risk of stroke. These are diseases that can prove fatal as well. And they all are reduced by the simple act of smiling. Furthermore, smiling is contagious. So if you smile, the people around you smile as well, which is increasing everyone's health. There really is no downside to smiling.

Or is there? I know many people do not smile because they are not happy with their smile. And that is where braces become important. Braces really do not cost as much as you may think, and if they may add years to your life, would not the investment be incredibly worth the cost? There is no charge for a consultation. If you are not comfortable with your smile, you owe it to yourself to call my office and discuss your options. So call today. Your life may be extended because of it!!