Friday, May 27, 2011

Love is in the Air

It's Spring, love is in the air, and you're thinking about meeting that special someone. You're fun, you have your style and you go to all the right places. But it just hasn't happened for you yet. So you ask yourself, what is missing? I'm a nice person. I'm fun. I think I'm attractive. And besides, looks aren't everything. And that is correct, they're not. But we know that they play a role. And the one thing you can change about your looks is your smile! Imagine walking up to that right person and being able to flash the perfect smile. Wouldn't that get you so much further?

If you're ready to meet that someone special or to super charge your current romance, it's time to make sure your smile is the best one possible. Your smile can light up a room when that special someone spots you and I can make sure you're ready for that spectacular moment.

Investing in your smile truly is investing in yourself, in so many ways! Make that decision to call my office and invest today! And let me know in the comments how you have used your smile to attract that special one.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Confidence is in the SMILE!

What is the first thing people notice about you when they meet you? It's your smile!! A nice, big smile demonstrates confidence. And when you have confidence, people respond to you positively. Job interviews, promotion requests, relationships, unexpected discounts and many other requests will go your way when you demonstrate confidence. I'm sure you've seen interactions where one person is displaying an abundance of confidence and people are giving him or her everything he/she is requesting. And let's face it. We like people with self-confidence. It's nice to be around people with self-confidence. And everyone wants to please the person with self-confidence.

So how do you gain that self-confidence? Well, there are many things you can do to boost your self-confidence. But most importantly, you need that smile! That confident smile that says that you own the situation, the event, and the world! And the way you can give that big, full smile is with straight teeth.

I love my job, because every day I provide people with more than just straight teeth. I give them a smile that gives them confidence. This confidence helps them to achieve everything they want in life.

Do you have the smile that gives you confidence? Do your children have the confident smile that he or she will need to be a top achiever in life? If not, call my office today.

Tell us your stories of using confidence to achieve your goals. Click comments below.

Monday, May 16, 2011

That Smile Could Land You the Job

Are you looking for employment? Every job hunting book tells you that you need to smile and smile often during the interview. But why? Simple! Everyone loves a great smile! Are you dropping in on an employer unannounced to inquire about job opportunities? Flashing that smile will make your visit appear less intrusive. Did you land the interview? You need to set yourself apart from all the other interviewees. And know this: people make decisions emotionally more than intellectually. So your best foot forward may not be all of the knowledge you display, but the feelings from your warm, friendly smile. So you need to enter with a smile, display that smile often during your interview, and leave with a smile.

Which leads to my next point: Do you have a smile that you are proud to display? If not, then investing in braces is truly an investment WITH financial return. And where else can you invest a few thousand dollars and have it return hundreds of thousands, maybe even a million dollars!! Braces are an investment in you, the best asset you have!

Now that you are ready to make that investment, call my office today. And please, share in the comments your success stories of how flashing that smile landed you the job!

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Benefits of Smiling

Smile! It's good for you! In fact, there are many benefits to smiling.
Smiling displays confidence! This confidence is what helps people get jobs, close business deals and attract relationships. It is a fact that people with higher self-confidence are more successful and have a higher income. That's the major reason of smiling often.

However, there are other reasons to smile as well. The health benefits of smiling include stress relief, a healthier immune system, lower blood pressure and a host of other benefits that boost longevity. In essence, smiling can extend your life. And give you a healthier, happier life.

Which leads to my next point: It's more difficult to display a confident, healthy and happy smile without beautiful, straight, healthy teeth. That is where an investment in your smile is an investment in your life. I have dedicated my life to giving people like you a beautiful, confident and healthy smile. And with utilizing Damon Braces, the latest technology in teeth straightening, I can give you that confidence in less time and at a lower cost than you might expect.

So let's recap. The many benefits of smiling are:

  1. Confidence
  2. Gain employment
  3. Close business deals
  4. Attract relationships
  5. Make More Money
  6. Stress relief
  7. Healthier immune system
  8. Lower blood pressure
  9. Boost longevity
  10. Healthy, happy life
  11. Upward mobility
  12. Enhanced love life
  13. Makes you look younger
Are you ready to make that investment in yourself or your child? If so, call my office today.

I'd like to hear your stories of how you have used your smile to achieve something in life. Also, I know there are more benefits than what I have listed. Please click "comments" below and share.